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These two signs both value tradition, so it's no surprise if they're more than happy to take on conventional roles in the home they share. Capricorn as an earth sign and cancer as a water sign means that this couple seek out some very similar things in life.

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Stability, comfort, and security are high on the list of their main priorities. This all makes for the perfect match when it comes to starting a family. With both partners sharing a love of traditional values, it means they rarely disagree when it comes to raising their kids. Though you don't often find these two sharing any fundamental differences, things have the potential to go south if Cancer feels as though they're nurturing and mothering Capricorn too much.

Capricorn has the tendency to take too much if the help is offered and before too long some worrying precedents might be in place.

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Cancer also needs to let go of some of their selflessness to make sure they get the love and respect they deserve. Get ready for the long haul, because Leo and Libra simply stick. Their main qualities bring out the best in each other, which is what any serious couple aspires to. Libra's sensibility and balance stabilizes the dramatic Leo, while Leo's sense of fun and sociability injects some much-needed excitement into life of their sometimes-shy Libra.

One thing is for sure when these two get together: they both really know how to liven a party up. Libra's intelligent, flirty energy, combined with Leo's scene-stealing antics make them one of the best couples to hit the town with. We certainly wouldn't be turning down an invitation from this lively pair. When they're not busy being social butterflies, Leo and Libra can be found making all kinds of ambitious plans together.

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Whether it's a vacation or buying a house, they always go big. There's no doubt about it - these two love partying and being social, but at the end of the day, they both share some very traditional values. Leo and Libra are family oriented and generally work really well together as parents. They bring passion to everything that they do, and that includes raising their little ones to become people just as cool as them.

Best Zodiac Combinations For Couples!

The party can't stay good without effort and this social pair needs to recognize that. Leo and Libra tend to dislike frank discussions with one another and would prefer to keep things light. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works and they'll eventually have to get used to confrontation if they want to survive as a couple. In addition to this, Leo can sometimes get a bit over the top with their attention seeking ways, but it's up to Libra to make sure they rein it in.

If you're part of a Virgo-Gemini relationship, start getting ready to walk down the aisle! These two lovebirds often go all the way and end up getting married. It may have something to do with each sign being ruled by the planet Mercury, which means both love to think, analyze, and discuss anything and everything together. Virgo and Gemini love being creative and they're constantly exchanging ideas with one another. They both provide the mental stimulation that each sign requires for a happy partnership. It's not just mental stimulation that this couple get right - there's plenty of stimulation in the bedroom, too!

Apparently, all of that talking and intellectual stuff eventually leads to passionately ripping each other's clothes off. We're not sure about you guys, but this definitely sounds like a relationship we can get behind. The different qualities of each of these signs allows Virgo and Gemini to thrive together. Geminis are always thinking and talking at a fast pace, while Virgos are motivated executors of ideas.

When they combine their talents, they're practically unstoppable. It's not unusual for Gemini to come up with great ideas and for Virgo to make sure they actually happen. This can also be a bit of a downfall for the couple if they let it. Gemini is likely to abandon projects out of boredom or a desire to move on to the next great thing. Virgos move at a slower pace and enjoy seeing things through before they even consider other plans. This difference in pace can frustrate both signs, but they just need to remember that they're always better when they use their strengths together.

This high-energy couple are a force to be reckoned with. Sociable, fun, and passionate, Aquarius and Sagittarius are such a good match that they're almost like best friends. Both signs have a lot of core values in common, which always makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to staying in happy and in love. These two find it highly pleasurable to be around each other and are constantly learning new things they love about their partner.

One shared interest that Aquarius and Sagittarius prioritize is freedom. They love having the ability to do whatever they want without having to consult anybody, which could cause conflict in any other pairing, but not with these two.

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They totally get how important it is for each other to be free, so you'll never hear them arguing about it. Both of these signs are sociable and love a party.

Astrology Compatibility 144 Combination Zodiac Sign Love Match (Star Sign Compatibilities)

Basically, anything that comes easily and allows them to exercise their freedom is something Aquarius and Sagittarius can get behind. They love just taking life as it comes and they never need to discuss grand plans for the future until they're actually ready to make them happen. These two also have an easy sense of humor with one another and you'll always see them laughing together. There are a few things that could break this match up if they're not ready for it.

The first is their unstructured style of living and being together. Eventually, one will push for commitment and stability and the other one may not be able to say yes. The other downfall is too much individual freedom and not enough shared hopes and dreams as a couple. When the ram and the scorpion meet, you can bet money on there being plenty of fireworks.

This is one fiery hot zodiac match and a force to be reckoned with. As you can imagine, things can get a little explosive between these two passionate signs, but they bring passion to everything they do together, whether it's arguing like crazy or tearing each other's clothes off. Though most people familiar with the signs of the zodiac wouldn't pick these two signs as a perfect match, there's an undeniable chemistry between them that simply can't be ignored.

25 Zodiac Matches That Make The Best Couples

If Aries and Scorpio meet at a party, you can forget about seeing them for the rest of the night, as they'll remain totally immersed in each other. Both signs also value their privacy, which definitely creates a bond of understanding between them. Mars rules the signs of both Aries and Scorpio, which is probably what provides them with the intense sexual chemistry that other couples envy.

If used correctly, the differences between these two can really complement each other.

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For example, Aries can really liven things up for Scorpio with their sense of adventure, while Scorpio can provide a relaxing influence that helps to calm the notorious Aries temper. There's a lot that could go wrong with this high-energy match. Firstly, both should make sure that there is substance behind all of the sexual attraction. But perhaps their biggest weakness as a couple is stubbornness on both sides and an inability to admit when they're wrong.

The fights can be crazy between this couple, but if they both learn to compromise they could really end up going the distance. Watch out everybody, we have marriage material on the way here! Pisces and Capricorn are one of those matches that fit together like corn chips and guacamole - both great on their own, but they make each other so better. These two are very different as individuals, but it's these differences that end up complementing each other and making them stronger as a couple. Who would have thought that stable and serious Capricorn could fall for laid back and whimsical Pisces?

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As it turns out, a bit of the carefree Pisces attitude tends to work wonders on the occasionally uptight Capricorn. Conversely, Pisces could do with a little motivation and structure that Capricorn is only too happy to provide. See, we told you, it's like corn chips and guacamole when it comes to these two lovebirds.

Though Pisces can often be the less serious of the two, both of these signs crave consistency and solid commitment in their relationships. This makes them a perfect long-haul couple, as they can always agree on life's biggest decisions, such as buying property, starting businesses together, or raising a family. It's not uncommon for the Pisces and Capricorn match to end up getting married and staying married. Though a blend of opposing traits is what makes this relationship thrive, it can also become co-dependent if the couple aren't paying attention.

In addition to this, freedom-loving, adventure-seeking Pisces can sometimes feel trapped or controlled by dominant and highly organized Capricorn. On the other hand, Capricorn can often become impatient with the Pisces tendency to be a little wishy washy.

Once they find a way to skirt these issues, they'll be the ideal couple. For some astrology fans, a Leo and Virgo match seems like a disaster waiting to happen. In reality, these two very different signs can end up being the best thing that ever happened to each other. Most think of Leo as a dramatic attention seeker, but sometimes it's exactly what straight laced Virgo needs to add a little fun to their life. There's nothing like a Leo to liven up a party or in this case, a relationship.

On the flip side, Virgo's caring and selfless nature can really rub off on Leo, who is known for being a little self-involved at times. Virgo can really help Leo focus on a more purposeful life, which gives them somewhere productive to direct all of that wild energy. We told you they actually make a great pair - now do you believe us?

These two can really lift each other out of their own ruts. Virgos are known pessimists, and Leo is only too happy to help them see the brighter side of life and positively encourage them in every endeavor. Leo is often dramatic and easily upset, which level-headed and intelligent Virgo can navigate and resolve without any hassle at all. It's not all fun and games over in the Leo and Virgo camp, though. Both can be major drama queens and this can fuel a lot of disputes between the pair. Leo is also highly sociable and loves big parties, while Virgo prefers intimate gatherings with close friends.

When it comes to finance, Leo's carefree spending can stress out sensible and thrifty Virgo, but there are plenty of ways to overcome these issues if they want to go the distance. Romantic relationships between Libra and Taurus are famously peaceful and harmonious. This is mostly due to both signs being ruled by the planet Venus, known for beauty, grace, and love.

Both sides of this partnership are warm and charming pleasure seekers who love the finer things in life.