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We need to appraise ourselves of the impact of budget cuts and associated staff and resource cuts. We need to know, at grass roots level, what working practices and procedures — what interventions — presently provide beneficial outcomes, and what do not. We need to know what bureaucracy is causing delays. Once we know all this, only THEN can we begin to discuss what changes to make. Register Login. Search for:. Jobs Live Inform. More from Community Care Related articles:.

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Understand the Care Act from A-Z. Ellie July 27, at pm.

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Andrea August 8, at pm. Featured jobs. Community Care Inform Multi-agency working: setting up a professional network around a family Spotting the signs of acquired brain injury ABI in adults: top tips. Care work How writing great job adverts can be your first step to solving staff retention in the care sector Recruiting care workers: 4 tips for hiring the right people How to keep care staff happy: investment, involvement and keeping an eye on morale.

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All Rights Reserved. Our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are widely used in order to make websites work more effectively. To continue using our website and consent to the use of cookies, click click 'Continue'. Find out more. Billions, if not trillions, of U. American direct investment into the EU totaled about 1.

Even a small disruption to that could have a significant impact on trade. Nor, it turns out, do pro-Brexit campaigners have a unanimous view on what should happen next. One of the biggest hurdles is the future status of about 3 million citizens of EU states living in Britain thanks to free cross-border labor movement — mostly Irish and economic migrants from Poland, Romania and Portugal. In addition, just under 1.

Forecasts on the longer-term effects of Brexit to the pound sterling are bitterly contested and the true impact is unlikely to be known until well after the terms of any future deal are known. A Financial Times survey of economists found the majority believe that U. There are also fears big financial firms could relocate to the rest of the EU to protect access to the single market.

In fact, the only clear winners so far are American tourists visiting Britain. Thanks to the weakened pound, hotel and attraction prices are typically about 10 percent less than a year ago. The early losers?

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British shoppers who are paying more for many groceries because imported ingredients have become more expensive. There was even a shortage of Marmite , the sticky yeast spread, as supermarket Tesco fought with manufacturer Unilever over who should absorb rising prices. It contains an example of how to disclose historical changes in the index or formula values used to compute interest rates for the preceding 15 years.

The model clause also illustrates the disclosure of the initial and maximum interest rates and payments based on an initial interest rate index value plus margin, adjusted by the amount of any discount or premium in effect as of an identified month and year for the loan program disclosure and illustrates how to provide consumers with a method for calculating the monthly payment for the loan amount to be borrowed. Models H-4 D through H-4 J.

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These model clauses and sample and model forms illustrate certain notices, statements, and other disclosures required as follows:. This contains the demand feature clause. This contains the assumption clause.

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This contains the required deposit clause. Models H-8 and H These models contain the rescission notices for a typical closed-end transaction and a refinancing, respectively. The last paragraph of each model form contains a blank for the date by which the consumer's notice of cancellation must be sent or delivered. A parenthetical is included to address the situation in which the consumer's right to rescind the transaction exists beyond 3 business days following the date of the transaction, for example, where the notice or material disclosures are delivered late or where the date of the transaction in paragraph 1 of the notice is an estimate.

The language of the parenthetical is not optional. The prior version of model form H-9 is substantially similar to the current version and creditors may continue to use it, as appropriate. Creditors are encouraged, however, to use the current version when reordering or reprinting forms. Sample forms. The sample forms H through H serve a different purpose than the model forms. The samples illustrate various ways of adapting the model forms to the individual transactions described in the commentary to appendix H. The deletions and rearrangements shown relate only to the specific transactions described.

As a result, the samples do not provide the general protection from civil liability provided by the model forms and clauses. Sample H This sample illustrates an automobile credit sale. The credit life insurance premium and the filing fees are financed by the creditor. This sample illustrates an installment loan. The date of the transaction is expected to be April 15, , with the first payment due on June 1, The first payment amount is labeled as an estimate since the transaction date is uncertain.

The remaining 23 monthly payments are equal. This sample illustrates a refinancing and consolidation loan. The date of the transaction is April 1, , with the first payment due on May 1, The first 35 monthly payments are equal, with an odd final payment. The credit disability insurance premium is financed. In calculating the annual percentage rate, the U. Rule has been used. Since an itemization of the amount financed is included with the disclosures, the statement regarding the consumer's option to receive an itemization is deleted.

Samples H through H These samples illustrate various closed-end transactions. See form H-2 for a model for these requirements. This sample illustrates a mortgage with a demand feature. The property insurance premiums are not included in the payment schedule. This disclosure statement could be used for notes with the 7-year call option required by the Federal National Mortgage Association FNMA in states where due-on-sale clauses are prohibited.

The sample form shows a creditor how to adapt the model clauses in appendix H-4 C to the creditor's own particular variable-rate program.

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The sample disclosure form describes the features of a specific variable-rate mortgage program and alerts the consumer to the fact that information on the creditor's other closed-end variable-rate programs is available upon request. It includes information on how the interest rate is determined and how it can change over time. Section Treasury Securities adjusted to a constant maturity of one year. Index values are measured for 15 years, as of the first week ending in July. This reflects the requirement that the index history be based on values for the same date or period each year in the example.

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  4. Thus, the maximum amount that the interest rate could rise under this program is 5 percentage points higher than the The loan would not reach the maximum interest rate until its fourth year because of the 2 percentage point annual rate limitations, and the maximum payment disclosed reflects the amortization of the loan during that period. The prepayment disclosure refers to both penalties and rebates because information about penalties is required for the simple interest portion of the obligation and information about rebates is required for the guarantee insurance portion of the obligation.

    HRSA Department of Health and Human Services for certain student loans has been approved for use for loans made prior to the mandatory compliance date of the disclosures required under Subpart F. The form was approved for all HEAL loans with a fixed interest rate that were considered interim student credit extensions as defined in Regulation Z.

    The form was approved for all HEAL loans with a variable interest rate in which the borrower has reached repayment status and is making payments of both interest and principal. The form was approved for all HEAL loans with a fixed interest rate in which the borrower has reached repayment status and is making payments of both interest and principal.

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    Models H, H, H Although use of the model forms is not required, creditors using them properly will be deemed to be in compliance with the regulation with regard to private education loan disclosures. Creditors may make certain types of changes to private education loan model forms H application and solicitation , H approval , and H final and still be deemed to be in compliance with the regulation, provided that the required disclosures are made clearly and conspicuously.

    The model forms aggregate disclosures into groups under specific headings. Changes may not include rearranging the sequence of disclosures, for instance, by rearranging which disclosures are provided under each heading or by rearranging the sequence of the headings and grouping of disclosures. Changes to the model forms may not be so extensive as to affect the substance or clarity of the forms. Creditors making revisions with that effect will lose their protection from civil liability.

    The creditor may delete inapplicable disclosures, such as:.