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The Hidden Force Accidentally Driving Your Prospects Away - Cerebral Selling

What do you immediately want to do? Touch it of course! You, of course, want to feel the plush sensation of the freshly cut grass on your feet! When we feel someone or something is limiting our freedom to choose, we lash out. We resist and immediately want to take the prohibited action in order to assert our independence.

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And in the case of modern buyers, if they feel a pushy, self-interested salesperson is pressuring them to buy something in even the slightest of ways, the 6-inch steel reinforced walls will come up, making it nearly impossible to connect with them. Unfortunately, for years salespeople have been taught to incorporate the very tactics that trigger reactance into their sales motion. Even seemingly minor tactics can easily trigger reactance.

How to close skeptical & analytical prospects who want ask a million questions!

Will that work for you? The feeling of a simple meeting date and time being imposed on a buyer produces the same off-putting effect. Modern buyers live in a world full of seemingly infinite choice and a highly evolved virtual purchasing experience. They have become more accustomed to having great power, knowledge, and freedom in the buying process. At the same time, most modern sellers remain saddled with the revenue, quota, and time-pressure burdens of our historical ancestors.

And when we impose these burdens on modern buyers the experience quickly erodes along with our pipeline.

The Anchoring Bias in Pricing

The good news is, supercharging your sales motion by circumventing the reactance trigger may be simpler than you think. The answer depends a lot on where you were living when you first looked into buying a house.

Your opinion of what a house should cost will be shaped differently depending on the first prices you saw. So if you lived in San Diego, California you would have a much different perspective than if you were in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not only would this affect your conscious price comparisons, but it would even effect your subconscious approach to pricing houses. That initial shopping foray created an anchor in your mind.

This is important to understand when talking with a potential customer.

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Because how you present the price of your products or services will have as much of an impact as what that price actually is. Anchoring is a cognitive bias that has been studied by behavioral psychologists for the past 50 years. In other words, the final decision someone makes is influenced by our first impressions of the subject.

When we first get information about a new subject, we anchor around the initial information we receive and adjust from there. From how long we think an appointment should take to how people perceive our professional brand , the first impression has a long-lasting impact. So our initial information — for example, the price we think a software package should cost — influences our final decision — what we are willing to pay for that software package.

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  8. As a trusted resource for prospects and customers, Sherpas play an important role in the buying journey. They help their prospects make better decisions by helping them translate the copious amounts of information they have available. A key piece of information that prospects need to wrap their head around is pricing.

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