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On one you will see the judge, and on the other you will see the lawyer asking you questions. There is a camera and microphone in the remote witness room so that the people in the court can see you and hear your evidence. When you answer questions, it is important that you speak into the microphone and look at the person asking you questions. Stalking intervention order A court order made by a magistrate to protect a person from stalking.

Summary offence The Magistrate's Court deals with many common crimes such as assault, certain drug offences and matters relating to the driving of motor vehicles. These crimes are known as summary offences. In these matters the magistrate decides whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. The magistrate also decides the punishment for the defendant found guilty. Trial A court hearing in the County Court or the Supreme Court used to decide whether a person accused of serious crimes is guilty or not guilty.

Prisoner This is what a defendant or an accused person is called after they have been convicted, or found guilty, of an offence. Prosecutor A barrister for the Director of Public Prosecutions who calls witnesses and presents evidence in court to show that a person is guilty.

Restraining order A court order that can be taken out by the Director of Public Prosecutions over the offender's property. A restraining order stops the offender from getting rid of the property, hence preserving it for any future compensation order that might by made by a court. Sentencing court The court that decides on the penalty to be given to an offender who has been convicted of a crime.

Special hearing Children can give their evidence at a special hearing in the County Court. Your evidence is video recorded and played to the jury at the trial later.

Statement A written document made and signed by a witness, telling police what they know about a crime. Subpoena A document telling a person that they must go to court to give evidence as a witness in the Supreme or County Court. The date on the subpoena will usually be the first day of the trial. In the country, it may be the first day the Court sits in that month. It is important to check with the informant or prosecutor if this is the day you are required. Summons A letter telling someone that they must go to court to give evidence as a witness in the Magistrate's Court.

Support person Young witnesses can have an adult sit with them when they give their evidence. The judge or magistrate has to agree on the support person you choose, because they can't be a witness and need to be independent of the case. Usually this person is your Child Witness Officer. This court hears the most serious cases.

A judge presides over the court and a jury decides the case. Sometimes a Tipstaff will sit in the remote witness room with you and your support person. The purpose of a trial is to find out whether an accused person is guilty or not guilty of a crime.

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The prosecution calls witnesses to give evidence at a trial. Verdict A decision given by a jury, which tells the court whether a person is guilty or not guilty. Verdict The decision by the jury about whether they find the accused guilty or not guilty. Victim Impact Statement A statement you can make to tell the court how the crime has affected you. The court takes this into account when deciding the sentence for the offender.

Victim's Register A list of victims of violent crime who want to get information about a particular adult prisoner information such as release date or location. The function of this service is to provide ongoing information and support for witnesses and victims of crime going through the court system.

Witness Box The place where people stand or sit when they are giving evidence in a court. Witness A witness is a person who has seen or heard something, or has had something happen to them, which a court wants to hear about. The witness attends court to answer questions about what they know. The job of the witness is very important. Related victim: If a person dies as a result of an act of violence a related victim is someone who, when the violence took place, was a close family member, a dependent or was in an intimate personal relationship with the person who has died. Types of crime Types of crime There are many different types of crime.

Reasons to report a crime Reasons to report a crime You may be worried about telling someone what happened, but there are good reasons for making a police report.

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How to report a crime How to report a crime There are a number of ways to report a crime. Keeping safe Keeping safe As a victim of crime, your safety is important and there are things that can be done to help improve it. Service standards you can expect Service standards you can expect You can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity by the police, the Office of Public Prosecutions and victim support services at all times. Words and meanings Words and meanings This page explains some of the common words used in the criminal justice system in Victoria, Australia.

Police Investigation The investigation The investigation After a crime is reported to police, there is a police investigation. Making a statement Making a statement If you are the victim or witness of a crime, the police will ask you to make a detailed statement about what happened.

Collecting evidence Collecting evidence The police collect all the evidence they will need to take to court. Getting information about the investigation Getting information about the investigation The law in Victoria says that the police must keep you informed about how the investigation of your case is going. Charges Laid Types of offences Types of offences Criminal offences in Victoria are divided into two types - summary offences and indictable offences.

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Laying charges Laying charges If the alleged offender is charged, the case will go to court. Bail Bail If you're worried that the accused person may threaten or harm you or your family if they are released on bail, talk to the police investigator as soon as possible. Going to Court Getting information about your court case Getting information about your court case You can follow the progress of a case by contacting the police, or by contacting the court directly.

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Summons and subpoenas Summons and subpoenas As a victim of crime, you may be called upon to be a witness in court. Getting ready for court Getting ready for court If the case goes to court and you are required as a witness, you need to get ready for court. Giving evidence Giving evidence What to do when you have to give evidence at court. Victim Impact Statements Victim Impact Statements Your Victim Impact Statement is one of the things the judge or magistrate thinks about when they decide what penalty to give the offender.

The court's decision The court's decision If the accused person pleads guilty or is found guilty at court, the judge or magistrate must think about what penalty should be given. Compensation and financial assistance Compensation and financial assistance If your financial situation has changed because of a crime, you may be entitled to financial assistance to help with the expenses you have.

Child Witness Service Child Witness Service A specialist service that provides court education and support for children who give evidence at court.

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AP — Police found no evidence of wrongdoing after investigating allegations that relatives of radio personality Casey…. Jean Kasem has not commented; The Associated Press has left an email message with her attorney. Related News.

The Latest: Info from 2nd whistleblower could undercut Trump. But the NCA said it would not take any further action against Leave.

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Earlier this month, a criminal investigation into Leave. EU was also dropped by the Metropolitan Police as there was "insufficient evidence" to justify any further inquiry. In response to the NCA decision, the Electoral Commission said it stood by the need for the investigations to ensure "voters have transparency" over political funding. In a May report , the commission said Leave. It also referred Ms Bilney to the police, saying its investigation found she had committed four offences, including submitting an inaccurate spending return and exceeding the spending limit.

But she claimed the investigations had stemmed from Remain-backing MPs "desperately trying to overturn the result of the referendum". Brexit Party leader and former Leave.