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Unfortunately, as nice as this sounds, it may not be working for you. The reason behind this is easy yet it is also complicated.

And it is because you need to make yourself happy first! Sounds simple, right? Wrong, it is anything but simple, knowing how to make oneself happy. If you can remember back to when you were a teenager or even younger, and all the dreams and aspirations you may have had. Those were the days when you thought anything was possible. You may be feeling like those days are now long gone along with your dreams.

But you can dig deep into yourself and find that person you once were before they told you who you were supposed to be now.

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Listen to what made your heart beat and how your soul whispered to you back then. Once you figure out what makes you happy, do that. Try to discover your reason for being here in this life.

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What are your passions? What things do you enjoy doing?

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Figure out how to enjoy spending time alone and do the things you love. Whether it is reading, creating, writing, going out for adventures — do it! Spend your time with positive people that make you happy. Merete Milling. Juan Pusong. Clara Kern Bayliss. Proverbs L. Benito, The Faithful Servant. Kid From Lagos.

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