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In the sequel, Love Bites to be released fall of !


Here is a short except from Love Bites — Coming soon! When I awoke in the morning, it took me a minute to realize where I was. White walls… navy bedspread… not much evidence otherwise. It all came back to me in one giant wave. The whiskey. David telling me he loved me.

Book Review – Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story by Rachel K. Burke

His hands on me. Carrying me to the bedroom. Oh God. I was going to be sick. I crept quietly out of bed, bolted to the bathroom, and threw up. I knew the whiskey was only partially to blame.

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The disgust I had for myself was far more nauseating. How could I have done this? To Renee of all people? Sadly, I did have someone who loved me. I thought back to all the times Renee had come to my defense.

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When my mom found a joint in my backpack and she took the rap for it. Helping me with my UCLA application so we could move away together. She had always been the first person to come to my rescue. I leaned over and threw up again. I pulled my disheveled hair back into a ponytail and stood up to face myself in the mirror.

To anyone else, I looked like an attractive, petite brunette with wide blue eyes, a button nose, and a girl next door smile. I had done the unthinkable, all because I thought if some guy loved me, then I was worthy. Half of me wanted to slip my clothes on, sneak out the front door, and pretend this never happened, but I knew we had to talk. David stirred beside me, and his eyes fluttered open. I waited for his reaction to mirror mine, but all he did was smile and wrap his arms around me in a half-hug.

Although he looked adorable with his messy bed hair, all my feelings for him seemed to have temporarily subsided. I just stared at him, panic stricken, unable to speak. I lay back on the bed and rested my head on the pillow, turning my head to face him. But I need you to know that I meant everything I said last night. But since it opened, Che's has also featured live music each Saturday night, mostly of the local variety, even though it's certainly not the most conducive place to see a band. Given the bar's layout and atmosphere, Saturday nights at Che's tend to feel more like a rowdy house party than some rowdy house parties do.

Best of all, there's never a cover.

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This weekend, Che's plays host to a rare out-of-town band, and a fine one at that. Like their labelmates and fellow Philadelphians Dr.

Opening the show is the local band Lemon Drop Gang , who take their cues from the girl groups of the '60s. Fourth Ave. Things should get rolling around 9 p.

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