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I think wealthy people should be taxed more progressively. That inspired me to give the million dollars to the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

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Part of that gift was also making sure that the rent was covered for our symphony … so the rent is no longer a concern for them. Q: You choose to make many of your donations for local projects. Why did you choose Edmonds and South Snohomish County as your focus? I give a lot of attention to drug policy reform and advocacy and Bread for the World nationally.

I donate several millions to those organizations.

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I get a lot more bang for the philanthropic buck investing in water projects in Central America. I like to balance local and international. Was there some particular moment when you understood the impact you could have? The whole idea is an enlightened community. You realize you can stop consuming and help other people. I thought about that and the Christian ethic of taking care of poor people and the joy of my life is to work hard. For me, one of the biggest, one of the most gratifying, exciting ways to spend some of my extra money is advocacy for [fighting] world hunger through Bread For the World.

Q: You tell wonderful stories about your travels, both in local presentations and on television. A: Every morning I sit here and look out over Edmonds and see Puget Sound and see the ships coming and going and I look at the Olympic Mountains and an ocean spreading all the way to Japan.

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To be surrounded by Puget Sound and the mountains inspires me. A: A lot of my philanthropic projects are projects I do in television production to raise awareness on things I think are important. Do you still carry this style? I bought from HSN. I have the rest of the set and love it!

Rolling Carry-On

I want to finish my collection. Hi Sam, You are such a fantastic entertaining and wholesome individual. I recently purchased your Tweed carry on luggage, the underseater, duffle bag, roller carry-on and the big tote. I also had to have the passport wallet to match. Only because I was worried about the rough handling the baggage people give our bags. The luggage is so very pretty in the Burgundy. It looks so rich and sophisticated. I will be traveling to Louisiana next week and on a cruise in March, your bags will be with me.

I have decided I will attempt to travel with a lighter load and use carry-ons for the majority of my trips. I have always taken to much i the past and found I was returning with things I never even unpacked at my destination. Would love some tips on solo traveling for the older traveler. I find I will be doing more trips alone in the future and at 63 want to know the best places for safe and enjoyable travel.

Thanks for all you do,and looking forward to 1st birthday photos of the twins. Regards, Dee.

‘Extremely ill-advised’: Backlash as Police Scotland advise Scots to have ‘grab bag’ ready

Best wishes to you, your husband and adorable twins! I went to buy a buy a set of your turquoise Embossed, the color is gone in all your styles, did you discontinue it disappointed!!! I agree I would really love for you to come up with a line of luggage for men or take what you have an make it more masculine.

I love the idea of all your bags but they are a bit to feminine. Love to listen to you. Likewise, I have a beige, champagne-colored Muji suitcase that stands out from the crowd for its […]. Love this incredible website, great information here, would have been a little bit sceptical about acquiring a steam shower unit for our house having said that the content here sorted my mind out, brilliant thank you.

Go to onebag. Buy a decent backpack that fits most airline regulations.

Michael's Grab Bags Part 2...I Paid $20.00 and got $1591.00 Worth of Merchandise!

Travel without worry. Hi Samantha , Love everything about you and your luggage line. Any chance that you might bring back your Aqua colored luggage? It is such an uplifting color ,I think it is so refreshing in the dingy airports.

John's Crazy Socks

I need this aqua luggage to keep a smile on my face with all the regulations and rules that airlines are putting on us! Thanks for your beautiful personality and luggage! I love your luggage. Please bring back the 25in in Tangerine please. I really need it to complete my set. You brought the 28in back on hsn and I grabbed it quick, but no luck with the 25in. When is your next presentation on HSN? Missed your show on HSN and th navy is sold out!!! I purchased the carry on set but the larger sizes were so limited that I could not get them.

Will buy both as soon as they are available. Truly love this luggage. I need the Dowel bag in Burgundy. I love the set but am missing this piece! Can I get it separately??? Senior citizen short in stature. Overhead compartments very difficult to reach, thus need to check bag on airplane.

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That might be an engineering impossibility, but if it could be done it would be so helpful. Also, as so many have expressed in the past, an underseater with four wheels and if possible a peace of mind pocket would be great. I am very much in need of the Aqua croco luggage to come back…. I got the set when you had on HSN never had a need for 28 inch but now that we are taking cruises I can pack everything in there and just take 1 bag.

Really need to buy just a bag that fits on top of my croc bugundy underseater with wheels.

I can not seem to buy one just by its self made by Samantha Brown. How can I get one? This was my first time seeing the hard side and wandered how well does it hold up before I actually give it away. Would someone please let me know.

Steve’s Words of Wisdom

Thank you. Where can I get replacement part? The luggage repair stores told me they have nothing that is compatible. I bought your luggage and it ripped within 2 months. Who do I contact for a warranty replacement? I was quickly extremely disappointed. There is a chemical odor so strong I packed it back up and put it in the garage. It was literally permeating my entire condo. The next day, I unpacked it again, placed it on my screen porch for the entire day to air it out.

Then, placed it back in the garage opened up for 5 days, to continue airing it out. It still smells. My trip is this weekend and I am sad to say I cannot risk my clothes smelling like this luggage when I unpack. Do you have a recommendation about how to remove the chemical smell. And, I would really like your explanation of the warning statement and whether this is a real concern when using your luggage.