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In the final stage, the learning is then passed over to the children and they can plan and write their own text, using the features as their toolkit and the shared text and innovation as an example of what a successful text should look like.

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By this point, the pattern of the text will be internalised, they will have gained new language and sentence types and will be well prepared to thoroughly have a go. Some children will choose to stick quite closely to the original text, thinking of a new way of innovating independently, whilst others are now given the freedom to write in the given genre or text type, but using their creativity and initiative.

They can then review and edit their own work, reflecting upon how to improve it and personalise it. Finally, they can assess whether they have achieved their targets, used the new features and improved their understanding and writing.

Writing Models Year 5

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Cookie Notice We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. I Understand. Here is an example of a teacher modelling writing a description of the fight between Theseus and the Minotaur in the Greek myth. The words in bold are the teacher's words and the words in italic are the words written on the board:.

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Today we're going to write a description of the fight between Theseus and the Minotaur. This is our success criteria:.

Use capitals and full stops in the right places. I'm going to start with a description of Theseus' first impression of the Minotaur:.

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I want to describe how terrifying he was, so I'm going to mention his claws and teeth:. It could be a good idea to include the sound and smell of the Minotaur to give the reader a really good impression of him:.

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  • He was wheezing and grunting and his breath was foul from the stench of the humans he had eaten for breakfast. Now I think Theseus would want to quickly attack the Minotaur, so I'm going to go straight into the action:. The Minotaur screamed a terrible scream, louder than a hundred men.

    Blood gushed from his neck in a bright, red arc. Theseus did not waste a minute: he plunged his sword straight into the Minotaur's neck.

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